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TestGorilla’s Communication test will help you assess your candidates’ written and verbal communication skills, their understanding of non-verbal cues, and their active-listening abilities. The extent of their involvement depends on variables such as company size; a talent acquisition specialist will bear more responsibility in a smaller business. Talent acquisition specialists work closely with HR directors and managers to identify staffing needs and develop recruiting strategies.

Outsourcing your recruitment process saves your company time and money in finding the right talent for each job. Finally, Talent Acquisition Specialists are responsible for onboarding and training new hires. This includes providing orientation and training materials, as well as ensuring that new hires are properly oriented to the organization and its culture. They must also ensure that all new hires are given the necessary support and resources to be successful in their new roles.

The talent acquisition specialist vs. the recruiter

Doing so will build up the talent pool and employer brand awareness, making it easier to attract new candidates in the future. It is usually a function of the HR department working in close collaboration with talent acquisition specialists, with input from senior executives. Talent acquisition jobs revolve around the process of identifying and acquiring skilled workers to meet your organizational needs.

Talent acquisition specialists carry out full life cycle recruiting processes to help organizations fulfill their staffing needs. They are often most needed in the technology, finance, and healthcare fields, which have highly competitive job markets. Because of their duties, talent acquisition professionals are non-exempt workers who earn a salary. In addition to their salary, it’s not uncommon for recruiters to earn an incentive for hires. However, if you’re motivated by compensation incentives, a job in talent acquisition can usually offer you one. RPO is more exclusive and involved and assumes the recruiting responsibilities your business assigns them.


Many parts of their day may be spent with employment agencies and professional human resources associations. Sometimes, things are great for talent acquisition specialists, filling roles is easy and applications stream in the doors. To find the best person for the role, you need to understand what the role involves. Once you have an understanding of what the role entails, you can proceed to building a profile of the ideal candidate as it suits your business needs. You can complete this with the hiring manager to define the role, its contribution, and the skills needed.

What Does a Talent Acquisition Specialist Do

Couple this with the daunting reality of not knowing what’s ahead and it’s natural to feel overwhelmed — especially at the beginning of your hunt. The talent acquisition role involves plenty of communication and the ability to control a conversation, directing it toward the desired outcome. It also involves dealing constructively with emotions that can negatively impact your objective. This short Talent Acquisition test can help you identify applicants with talent acquisition experience. Here are the top skills that every talent acquisition specialist should have and how to test for them.

Inspiring Recruitment Ideas for Hiring Top Talent (in

Talent acquisition is sometimes carried out in human capital management (HCM) suites that automate core HR functions like payroll and benefits and have recruiting modules. Talent acquisition strategy usually involves six steps, from preliminary research to final onboarding. Approaching the talent acquiring process methodically often results in the best outcomes.

  • The job of a talent acquisition specialist is to identify, attract, and hire the best candidates for an organization.
  • A bad one can destroy a company’s reputation and severely limit the number of people who are willing to work for the company.
  • That said, in a talent acquisition position, rejection comes with the territory (so to speak).
  • In the Netherlands, according to PayScale, the average talent acquisition manager salary lies around €51,000.
  • Major social media and technology players, such as LinkedIn and Google, are also in the market with strong job-matching, business networking and job-search offerings.

Based on resumes, screening and interviews, talent acquisition specialists provide feedback to hiring managers. They may also advise hiring managers to ensure ethical and fair hiring procedures and provide insights into any diversity or inclusion factors to consider. To recruit and retain the best staff, talent acquisition specialists must align their processes and strategies with company and departmental needs. For a successful talent acquisition strategy, specialists handle a range of responsibilities that support the candidate lifecycle. A Talent Acquisition Specialist focuses on end-to-end recruitment, and is responsible for sourcing, attracting, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding employees in a company.

Traits and Qualities of a Talent Acquisition Specialist

Major social media and technology players, such as LinkedIn and Google, are also in the market with strong job-matching, business networking and job-search offerings. Talent acquisition specialists and recruiters increasingly use these platforms for social media recruiting. Providing a positive candidate experience and convincing candidates to join the company is just as important as convincing consumers to buy products and services.

Starting in 1995, Jimmy worked with his best friend, David Webb, to develop one of the world’s first Internet job board and resume bank applications. From then to now, Jimmy has been consistently helping his customers to build great teams, using best practices and world-class technology. You should plan for the future and make sure that you have a plan in place for when key employees leave. Make sure that candidates feel appreciated and that their questions are answered in a timely manner. They should provide enough information to give potential candidates a good idea of the job.

Head of talent acquisition salary (US & UK)

There is nothing quite like extending someone a job offer and hearing the excitement on the other end of the phone. It feels really good to know the person you’ve been working with achieved their goal — and they’re ecstatic about it. By taking the time to research and network, you can find the best Talent Acquisition Specialist for your organization. Having supported 220 clients and enabled 1750+ hires in the last decade, @Orchard has a proven client-centric model, designed to meet the purpose and elevate capabilities for those that engage us. This is called negotiation, and our Negotiation test can help you measure this skill in your applicants.

What Does a Talent Acquisition Specialist Do

Talent Acquisition Specialist salaries usually depend on career experience and industry. Talent Acquisition Specialist salaries in the United States range from $44,000 – $78,000 (USD). Talent Acquisition Specialist salaries in the US vary a lot depending on career experience. The US average for a Talent Acquisition Specialist is $57,815 according to while the reported average salary on Glassdoor amounts to $57,000. 90% of Talent Acquisition Specialists earn up to $69,000 with 75% receiving less than $65,000.

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