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What Is Customer Service Automation? Full Guide

How Automation Can Help Customer Service Agents Furthermore, it conducted a CSAT survey, which resulted in a whopping 71% score of very satisfied customers. With, Speedhome was able to …

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Text Summarisation in Natural Language Processing: Algorithms, Techniques & Challenges

Extracting cancer concepts from clinical notes using natural language processing: a systematic review Full Text Each step is cheaper to compute and overall will produce better performance. NLP stands for …

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How to Build a Chatbot: Business Owner Guide 2023

How to design a chatbot customers will actually use LogRocket Blog Good chatbots such as HealthyScreen, tackle businesses’ daily challenges effectively and quickly. Assume you want to decrease the customer …

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AI Customer Service: The New Era of Support

Instant Assistance: How AI Chatbots Are Improving Customer Service Customer service managers can view the results through a dashboard that provides a general overview of customer satisfaction. The primary purpose …